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Gooey gluten free options that don’t compromise on taste

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Keep up with demand by ensuring you have gluten free options available for your customers.

Bake Box was founded by Pete McLean, who previously owned a successful cafe and ran a catering business. This means that Pete has invaluable experience on all sides and a particular awareness of the ever-growing demand for products suitable for a number of dietary requirements, in particular gluten free.

Around 1% of Brits suffer from coeliac disease, however a huge number, some estimate around a third, are choosing to follow a gluten free diet. This does not mean that they want to sacrifice the odd treat with their cuppa. At present about 20% of the Bake Box range in gluten free and this is ever-growing, with the gluten free pumpkin pie spiced brownie having been added to the product range this month.

The awesome thing about brownies is they actually taste best without gluten, so it certainly isn’t a case of sacrificing anything to go gluten free. The light, gooey texture is thanks to a lack of flour, retain their moisture much better as a result. You’ll find brownies with gluten are more cake-like, lacking the chewiness of a proper brownie. And trust us, we’ve done a heap of testing of recipes and when it comes to brownies, gluten free is far superior.

Lemon Drizzle CakeOur gluten free range include all our brownies, chocolate, caramel, cheesecake, espresso and pumpkin, as well as our zesty lemon drizzle cake. The lemon drizzle cake is also particularly moist due to the lack of flour, replaced by our lemon curd.



Our next mission is to add a gluten free option to our traybakes – some sort of fruity delight perhaps. It would be great if you could let us know what gluten free options you would like made available to your customers. Cakes, traybakes and brownies. Let us know, and if we go with your suggestion, you’ll receive the first box for free.

And just because we love to give you a good deal, we’re offering 10% off all gluten free brownies until the end of November. Just add the code GF10 on checkout.

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