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Bites, afternoon tea, desserts…ways to serve Bake Box products

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The majority of customers serve our Bake Box brownies, cakes and traybakes, as they come. A lovely big slice of deliciousness, usually accompanied by a hot steaming mug of something. However more and more we hear of our products being served in other ways.

You can’t go wrong with a large slice of cake served simply on a side plate. You’ll have no complaints! However here are some other ways our products are presented.

We prepare our brownie trays into 14 slices, however they needn’t stay that way. We’ve seen some pics on Instagram of our brownies being chopped into bites, served as a nibble on the side of a mug of coffee. They are also popular at events, cut in half or quarters, allowing guests to graze the array of cakes, traybakes and brownies on offer, sampling a number of sweet treats without feeling too piggy. Interspersed with some strawberries and you can create a really impressive looking spread.

Bake Box got invited to a wedding! Tasty treats to fuel some dancing. #wedding #cake #desserttable

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Afternoon tea
We are in the era of the afternoon tea however many eateries shy away as it can be hard work to prepare, however they needn’t be with Bake Box. Cut some our products into thirds to create an impressive spread. We think our caramel brownie, carrot cake, gluten free lemon drizzle cake and bakewell bar make a particularly successful combination. Add a freshly baked scone and some loose leaf tea, and your afternoon teas will soon become the talk of the town.

So you’re thinking of adding a new dessert to your menu? Many of our customers already serve our brownies warmed, dusted with icing sugar, with a scoop of locally produced vanilla ice cream melting by its side, and a strawberry to finish. Classic and always a winner on any sweets menu. The opportunity for mark up is particularly high when served this way. We have loads of suggestions of how to use Bake Box in desserts so will share some other recipe ideas in our blog next month.

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