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Baking our foundations – From Scottish Cafe to UK wide wholesale bakery

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New to Bake Box Wholesale? Let us tell you a wee bit about where it all began. The journey started in a cafe in Scotland’s beautiful capital. A budding entrepreneur and foodie fanatic Pete McLean, had a major headache.


A youthful Pete serving cakes in his cafe!

A youthful Pete and his wife Lesley in the cafe!

From his bustling cafe in central Edinburgh, he quickly identified that there was a need for cafes like his, to buy in high quality, frozen, baked goods, in an effort to reduce wastage and maximise profits. However there was nothing available so he baked fresh for his cafe each day. This led to him settling up a fresh cake delivery business, supplying fresh cakes to cafes and bakeries. However, when demand for his cakes grew, delivery of these beautifully frosted cakes became an issue. And quickly he realised frozen was the answer.


Bake Box Wholesale was born, born out of experience as a cafe owner. With the ability to deliver next day to anywhere in the UK and with a wide product range, existing customers jumped on board and word began to spread.


Now Pete is spreading the message that frozen doesn’t mean a compromise in quality. Bake Box uses the highest quality ingredients, expert bakers and an efficient delivery system, which ensures when our famous brownies reach you they are ready to pop in your freezer, awaiting sale. The range which includes brownies, cookies, traybakes and cakes, is ever-expanding.


Web1Pete works with a wide range of UK independent suppliers to support local food suppliers. Glasgow producer Dear Green is a proud supplier of our coffee in our espresso brownies, Pilot brewers supplies the flavoursome beer in our chocolate stout cake and we are currently working on some cinder toffee delights thanks to Northumberland’s finest, Kenspeckle (more about that next month). We are keen to get even more regional suppliers on board so please get in touch if you can recommend someone local to you who might supply a delicious ingredient for our expanding range.


If you haven’t yet given us a try, please get in touch. All new customers receive £30 off their first order.

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